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Over Wildenberg Wear

Men who make the impossible possible, by fully focusing on their goal. It takes a good dose of willpower not to be fooled by others or by a setback. You need confidence and guts for this. To achieve your goal it is sometimes said that you have to move mountains. Or that it is a way up with sometimes deep valleys. That's why we put three mountain peaks in our logo to remind you of those goals.

Our bracelets are handmade in the Netherlands. Various elements are used for this, including mountain climbing rope, ship rope, stainless steel closures, natural stone beads and cow leather of the highest quality. We make the bracelets to size, so as soon as an order comes in, we get to work. This is to waste as little material as possible. Our bracelets are also waterproof and last a lifetime. Read here span> more about the story behind Wildenberg Wear.

In our webshop we sell more than 50 different bracelets in the Netherlands and Belgium.