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Our promise: to produce reliable, reliable and fair bracelets

We at Wildenberg Wear do our utmost to contribute to a more sustainable world. Not only that, but also to further improve the customer experience and to collaborate with stores that are working on sustainability.

That's why we set a high standard. Both on the quality level of our bracelets and the way in which we position ourselves in the fashion industry. Because fast fashion is a no-go for us. By designing bracelets that are timeless, we don't have to change our collections frequently.

Quality Men's Bracelets

Excellent quality bracelets

We fulfill our promises by carefully and skilfully handcrafting our bracelets. The designer of Wildenberg Wear closely follows the trends in fashion to ensure that an excellent bracelet is designed. A bracelet that is timeless and therefore lasts a long time. This prevents us from making bracelets that have short life cycles. In addition, we only make our bracelets as soon as an order comes in. In this way we ensure that all materials are used optimally. The size guarantee also contributes to a good quality bracelet. This ensures that you will enjoy your custom-made bracelet for a lifetime.

Sustainable men's bracelets


We take care to produce our bracelets in a sustainable way. That starts with the materials we use. Our bracelets contain no harmful substances. We also think that wasting materials is a real sin. By making bracelets only as soon as an order comes in and by reusing the materials of bracelets that are exchanged as much as possible (such as stainless steel clasps, jewelry boxes, beads, leather and rope) we ensure that no materials are wasted. In addition, we also want to create awareness among our customers by not offering a free return policy. It is important that buying a bracelet is done consciously.