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Our story

We are inspired by people who make the impossible possible, by keeping a course on their goal. These people had the willpower to persevere and not be discouraged. This perseverance and the power to achieve what they strive for is what led us to create this brand. Because everyone has to dare to believe in themselves to pursue their own dreams. You need enough confidence and guts for this. We would like to contribute to that. So that you leave an indelible impression, because clothes ultimately make the man. Just like clothes fit seamlessly to how your body is built, so should a bracelet be on your wrist. That is why we have a wide range of sizes, so that there is a suitable bracelet for every man. The first impression you make is the most important.

Be one with nature and follow your own path

To remind you to pursue your goals, three mountain peaks are hidden in our logo. This reflects your path to the goals you have set for yourself. There is a mountain top for every purpose. We ensure that you go for your goal with full confidence. The last step you have to do yourself, by making sure that you keep track of your own goals.

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