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Unique rope bracelets for men at WildenbergWear

Rope bracelets < /strong>

Are you looking to that ultimate bracelet made of robust ship rope? Then this is the place where you will pass your rope bracelet! It is the most popular bracelet at the moment. Because of the many color combinations that are possible, you can wear a bracelet that matches your outfit every day. In addition, you do not want to wear the same bracelet that you have been wearing for weeks, because you also change your outfits every day (if all goes well). Make sure you also have some bracelets that you can alternate. Our men's bracelets are perfect for this, because of the different color options that offer you the opportunity to combine endlessly.

Robust closures

In addition to our various colors of rope bracelets, we also have different types of closures. In addition, you also have the choice in different colors for the closure. Opt for a gold clasp if you want to stand out with a bracelet made of rope. On the other hand, we also have the matte black closure if you want to go for a subtle bracelet that does not dominate your outfit. In short, for every man we have a suitable men's bracelet that fits his style. We give you the freedom to put together your bracelet from start to finish. Finally, a  sturdy beaded bracelet very good with a rope bracelet in a similar color.

Quality men's bracelets< /span>

We think quality is the most important thing at Wildenberg Wear, because you should be able to wear your bracelet carefree. In the unlikely event that something is wrong with your purchased bracelet: we provide a 6-month warranty on our bracelets. And also not unimportant to mention: our rope bracelets cannot be broken. So if you have a big muscle bundle, we challenge you to try it. No kidding, that's not what our bracelets are for. What we do want to say is that our men's rope bracelets can take quite a beating.


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