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The designer of Wildenberg

The designer of the bracelets meet him here, Wesley van den Wildenberg.

The designer of Wildenberg mens bracelets


Perfect fit for everyone!

The biggest motivation for Wesley to start the brand is that there are few bracelets on the market that are tailor-made for the man. He says himself that a bracelet barely fit on his own wrist, because his wrists are very narrow. That is why he started designing bracelets that fit his own wrist, because he himself has the smallest size available in the webshop. He started the brand during his student days and is not an extension of what he studied, namely technical business administration and a master's degree in strategic management. But Wesley can express his creativity here, in addition to his part-time job as a consultant.

A bracelet for every man

The statement ´´clothes make the man´´ is appropriate for the brand. Because decisiveness, self-confidence and quality are what the brand stands for. These core values stem from Wesley's past. He has always had to fight for where he wanted to get and was often told that he would not achieve goals. As he himself says: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Because without believing in yourself you will not get there and you have a few seconds to leave an indelible impression. So stay close to yourself. Wesley has launched a wide collection of men's bracelets. There is a suitable bracelet for every man, matching his own style.

The men's bracelets from Wildenberg

Passion for design

Continuing to design and invent new bracelets is something Wesley likes to do. “By continuing to innovate and listening to your members, you know how to design better bracelets. I also want to make sure that our members continue to pursue their dreams and are always reminded of that when they see the bracelet and logo.” If you want to know more about Wildenberg Wear and the logo read more > > >