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What is your wrist size?

Before you order a Wildenberg bracelet, it is important that you have measured your wrist correctly. We simply explain how to do this.

We offer 2 methods to measure your wrist size correctly.

  1. Measure yourself by means of a cord or string:
    Place the cord or string around your wrist (just above the wrist bone, towards your hand) and then measure with a ruler how many cm the circumference of your wrist is. It is important that you measure accurately.
  2. Don't have a cord or string available? Then we have a digital tool available that you can print at home, so that you can easily measure your wrist circumference (just above the wrist bone, towards your hand) at home.

After you have chosen one of the above two options, you can read your wrist size in the table below.
It is possible that your wrist size is, for example, exactly 18 cm . Then go for size M (18.5 cm). If you go for S/M (17.5 cm), the bracelet will be too tight on your wrist.

XS  15.5 cm
S  16.5cm
S/M  17.5cm
M  18.5cm
M/L  19.5cm
L  20.5cm
XL  21.5cm

Caution! We take extra space into account. So order the size you have measured, without extra centimeters.

A present

Don't know which size you need because you are giving the bracelet as a gift? No problem! We recommend for a man, size M.
Would you like to measure another bracelet? Then we recommend that you measure the entire bracelet (including clasp). You can put the size of this bracelet in the note when ordering.