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Yellow bracelets

The color yellow < /span>

The color yellow is becoming increasingly popular and mainly ocher yellow. Because yellow is increasingly used in the fashion world, this has become an increasingly popular color among men. It is a color that is often used in sweaters and shirts. Of course you stand out with such a color and it is therefore really for men who want to be seen. But you can also incorporate yellow or ocher yellow into your outfit with a small touch by wearing a yellow bracelet.

Buy yellow bracelet< /span>

In the Wildenberg collection there are a number of yellow bracelets. As we said before, it is a color for men who like to stand out. But it is also a nice color to combine with others, such as a beautiful dark steel bracelet or a leather bracelet. In any case, you will certainly succeed at Wildenberg for your yellow men's bracelet. You will receive a custom-made bracelet that fits well on your wrist. That is the size guarantee that Wildenberg gives.


Ruyer | Ocher yellow Sale price€39,95
Caesar | Ocher yellow Sale price€39,95
kralen armband heren geelBosch | Yellow
Bosch | Yellow Sale price€29,95
touw gele armband heren Polo | Yellow
Polo | Yellow Sale price€44,95
kralen armband heren roodgeelBonatti | Red Yellow
Bonatti | Red Yellow Sale price€29,95
kralen armband heren geelarmbanden heren wildenberg
North | Yellow Sale price€29,95


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