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Beige bracelets

The color beige 

The color beige is a very nice color if you have dark skin. This color softens the color of your skin. In addition, it is a very neutral color that you can easily combine with other colors. Even if you have lighter skin, this is a beautiful color because it flows nicely into each other.

Buy beige bracelet

At Wildenberg you can buy a beautiful beige bracelet that gives your outfit a boost. You can also combine a beige bracelet with every possible color. Because the color is neutral, you can add a nice bright color such as a green bracelet. Wildenberg bracelets are completely custom made for you.


touw armband heren beigePolo | Beige
Polo | Beige Sale price$44.10
Caesar | Beige Sale price$44.10
leren armband heren beigearmbanden heren wildenberg
Civil | Single beige Sale price$44.10
stalen armband heren beigeWallis | Beige
Wallis | Beige Sale price$66.17
heren touw armband beigeParks | Beige
Parks | Beige Sale price$49.62