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Black bracelets

Black as color

The color black has its own character. It is a strong and cool color, although black is not really a color. Although it's not officially a color, black is incredibly popular in the fashion world. In addition, you can incorporate black into everything without it completely missing the point. In the Wildeberg collection, the black bracelet is also one of the most popular bracelets sold. That is of course not so surprising, because it is very easy to combine with other colors in your outfit. You can never go wrong with the color black. Even if you wear a watch or other piece of jewelry, the color black always fits perfectly.

The ultimate black look

As we said before, black is very easy to combine. This also applies if you want to put together a set of bracelets. Using the color black as a base can greatly enhance the other color, such as pink. Any other pronounced color immediately gets that mysterious character of black with it. So feel free to combine a black beaded bracelet with a blue rope bracelet. By combining different materials with each other, you get a robust and sturdy look.

The black armand

It doesn't matter what style you have, a black bracelet always goes with your outfit. In addition, you can endlessly combine it. The black bracelet is really a basic element for your wardrobe or a must-have to have.

Buy black bracelet

In the Wildenberg collection we have different types of black bracelets. So you can put together a complete set of black bracelets that consists of natural stone beads, ship rope, leather or steel. You can also choose from different closures. Because always wear a silver-colored watch, then combine it with a silver-colored closure. This allows you to really give your own twist to your black bracelets that you would like to have. In short, at Wildenberg you will succeed in any case for the perfect set of black bracelets.


Caesar | Black Sale price€39,95
Ruyer | Black Sale price€39,95
zwarte touw heren armbandPolo | Black
Polo | Black Sale price€44,95
kralen armband heren zwartarmbanden heren wildenberg
North | Black Sale price€29,95
kralen armband heren zwartBosch | Black
Bosch | Black Sale price€29,95
Caesar | BlackCaesar | Black
Caesar | Black Sale price€39,95
zwart stalen mannen armbandkralen heren armbanden
leren heren armband zwartarmbanden heren wildenberg
Civilis | Single black Sale price€39,95
kralen armband heren zwartBonatti | Black
Bonatti | Black Sale price€29,95


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