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Who is Ruyter?

What would be the ship's rope among the most famous naval hero in our national history? Nothing, that's our opinion.

We are of course talking about Michiel de Ruyter (born in 1607, in Zeeland). The man who had excellent strategic insight on the raging seas. As a result, he was appointed commander in chief of the Dutch fleet. But he didn't just become that, his career started as a boat boy when he was only eleven years old. Michiel then traveled from South America to the Caribbean. Less than three years later he was briefly in the army of Prince Maurits. Here Michiel was a bus shooter and he defended Bergen op Zoom against the Spaniards. After which he became mate on the Groene Leeuw in 1633, after which he started working as a merchantman.

You can notice that Michiel has tremendous perseverance. Because the next step Michiel made was in 1644 when he bought his own ship, the Salamander. Here he was also a merchantman, but independently.

But he only really became known when he was allowed to command the war fleet as captain. De Zeeuw won important naval battles during the First and Second Anglo-Dutch Wars. A greatest man who has protected the Dutch waters.

Not that you now have to take down anyone who disagrees with you or stands in your way, no. But the determination and to rise above yourself, that is something to cherish. Dare to choose for yourself. Only leave others very well!