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Gray bracelets

Gray as color

The color gray may be boring at first. But this color only gains character when you combine it with other colors. Other colors in combination with gray soften those colors. This makes red or bright blue appear less sharp by combining it with gray. Besides, you can't go wrong with gray. But you have to combine it with another color, which gives it more character. In the Wildeberg collection, the gray bracelet is not as popular as the black bracelet. But we see that the color gray is mainly used in combination with another color, such as blue and green. This is really a color that you use to combine.

The gray armand< /span>

A gray bracelet is always possible and it goes with every color in your outfit you wear. In addition, the color gray is soothing compared to a bright color. This is therefore an ideal color for endless combinations. Are you going for a set of bracelets? Then a gray bracelet should not be missing in your wardrobe.

Buy gray bracelet< /span>

In the Wildenberg collection have a number of gray bracelets. This allows you to create your own set of bracelets that will complete your outfit. At Wildenberg you will certainly succeed for the perfect gray bracelet. By using natural stone beads, ship rope, leather or steel you get a very cool look. You can also choose from different closures. This allows you to really give your own twist. In short, at Wildenberg you will succeed in any case for the stylish set of bracelets with gray as the base color.


Civil | GrijsCivil | Grijs
Civil | Grijs Sale price$48.54
Bonatti | GrayBonatti | Gray
Bonatti | Gray Sale price$32.34
North | GrayNorth | Gray
North | Gray Sale price$32.34
De leer armband is handgemaakt van 6mm grijs koeienleer met roestvrijstalen matte sluiting  De kralen armband is handgemaakt van 8mm grijze natuursteen kralen en 6mm lava kralen. De armband is voorzien van een logo kraal. Civil X Bosch
Civil X Bosch Sale price$80.88
Polo X CivilisPolo X Civilis
Polo X Civilis Sale price$86.28
Bosch | GrayBosch | Gray
Bosch | Gray Sale price$32.34